Tracking Pixels

What are tracking pixels?

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What Is a Tracking Tag aka a Pixel?

A Tracking Tag aka a Pixel is an important tool for online marketers and advertisers that allows the tracking of activity on the Advertiser's website.

Pixels allow advertisers to know which pages a user has been on, and can therefore better inform targeting.

Pixels are used to group visitors who have browsed Content or an Advertiser's online properties into audiences. These audiences are then retargeted later when those audience members browse other websites or apps across the internet.

How Do Pixels Work?

  • Pixels are transparent (invisible) 1x1 .gif images that load on a webpage

  • Pixels load when a user opens the web page that the tracking tag is on

  • The pixel interacts with a cookie on the user’s browser.

When Do We Need A Pixel?

If you plan to launch a campaign with any of the following characteristics, you will need to use one or more pixels:

  • The campaign will retarget users who have been to a website

  • The campaign will track conversions on a website like a sale or download

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