What is an audience?

Audiences are a combination of targeting rules that determine where and to whom your ads will be served.

These rules allow you to set up targeting for every audience of every size and every type. You can select from over 200,000 Audience Segments from 50+ data providers and retarget your own audiences from online and offline sources.

Create Your Audience

  1. Name your audience.
    (ex: Parents with children, Alexa Device, Portland, HHI: $100,000+)

  2. Add your first rule.
    Rules can be combined to achieve powerful and nuanced targeting.

    1. Select the first Rule Type (ex: Apps, Keywords, Geo, etc.)

    2. You will get options from here that allow you to execute on your first rule type

  3. Try to use your first rule to set your channel, and additional rules to add channels, or other top-level constraints like income, or location.

  4. Retargeting is also available through Rule Types: My Pixels.

    1. Select from default pixels or create a Pixel on the My Pixels page.

    2. Feel free to message us if you have questions about retargeting.

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