Connect Your Billing Information

To activate your account, go to the Billing Overview page

  1. Set your daily spend limit  

  2. Enter your billing information and payment method 

Account Activation

  • Campaigns will not run unless billing information is connected and a deposit has been submitted

Daily Spend Limit & Account Deposit

  • Upon submission of your daily spend limit and payment method, a one-time deposit equal to one day of your daily spend limit will be billed

  • To avoid all campaigns pausing when the daily spend limit is reached, set the daily spend limit to be higher than your total daily campaign budgets

Daily Auto-Billing & Account Deposit Details

  • Connected Payment methods are automatically billed daily for the previous day’s activity.

  • If the previous day's spend is less than $20, billing will wait until a minimum of $20 is spent before auto-billing.

  • All account activity and spend will be billed to the payment method on file, not deducted from the deposit

  • The account deposit is not a prepayment for account activity or spend

  • The account deposit amount is used only if the payment method is declined

  • If you decide to close your account, the entire account deposit will be refunded. No questions asked.

  • If your account is closed due to a breach of the AdLib terms and conditions, the deposit will not be refunded.

Accepted Payment Methods

  • All Major Credit Cards

  • Debit or Prepaid Cards are not accepted

  • Checking Accounts are accepted in the US Only

  • Pre-payment with your preferred payment method is available upon request

  • Monthly Billing terms are available to clients with a committed spend of $25,000 USD per month

Monthly Access Fee

  • All AdLib accounts get 30 days of AdLib Pro access for free

  • After 30 days an AdLib Pro monthly access fee of $499 is billed to the payment method on file in advance for the following 30 days

  • If no payment method is added before the free trial ends, the account is deactivated and cannot be recovered

  • The monthly access fee will automatically be refunded for any month that the total account spend was greater than $10,000 USD

How Billing & Spend Are Calculated

When you advertise on AdLib, you'll set a budget for each campaign you run, and then we'll try to spend your budget evenly throughout the time your ads are running. You won't be charged more than the budget you set.

It's important to keep in mind the difference between budget and spend:

  • Budget: The amount of money you want the campaign to spend.

  • Spend: The actual amount that the campaign spent, and what you will be billed.

When you're setting your budget for AdLib campaigns, the campaign may not always spend the entire amount. So if you set a budget of $5,000 to be spent over a month, but only $4,500 is spent during that month based on the ad's performance, your bill will be $4,500.

How Spend Is Calculated
The pricing of AdLib campaigns is based on an auction system where ads compete for impressions based on bid and performance. When you set your bid and run your campaign, you'll only be charged for the number of impressions your campaign delivered.

Viewing Spend
When you want to see how much you're spending on your ads, you can see an estimated daily and total campaign spend amount in the reporting dashboard.

All invoiced amounts are exclusive of any and all value-added, use, sales, service, property, or other taxes or contributions. You are responsible for payment of any and all such value-added, use, sales, service, property or other taxes or contributions that are, or should ultimately be, assessed against or required to be collected. 

If you decide to close your account, the entire deposit will be refunded. No questions asked.

Canceling Your Account
If you want to cancel your account, visit this link and click "Cancel Account". Or send an email to with the subject, CANCEL ACCOUNT.

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